Festive Cat Treat Stocking


Cute Christmas Cat stockings With Toy & Treats!

These stockings are amazing value, full of healthy, natural treats to spoil your pussy cat in the festive season.

No fake rubbish! 100% Pure Meat

You will get all the following in your cat stocking…WOW!

  • Fish Bite biscuit treats (Grain-Free)
  • JR Meat Sticks (Turkey/Seabass)
  • Pork Spaghetti chews
  • Dried Sprats
  • Dried Chicken Hearts
  • JR Meaty Bites (Rabbit)
  • Sparkle Pom-Pom Balls x 2
  • Silvervine Matatabi Natural Herbal Wood Chew Stick (Not related to catnip but produces the same results of happiness & euphoria)




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