HomeoPet Healing Cream



HomeoPet Healing Cream is a quick acting and effective first-aid cream. Suitable for all animals, HomeoPet Healing Cream performs like a shield, protecting from infection and contamination of wounds. Proven to help speed cell regeneration, HomeoPet Healing Cream promotes speedy healing by creating the ideal conditions for recovery. This easy to use, pleasant smelling cream is suitable for use on open or bandaged wounds. HomeoPet Healing cream is 100% steroid-free and is highly recommended for use on bites, cuts, grazes, burns and minor wounds. A useful and handy addition to any canine first-aid kit, HomeoPet is a must for any serious dog owner. Nett WT 14g

  • HomeoPet Healing Cream is a first-aid cream for animals that acts as a barrier to prevent infection of the wound and help speed cell regeneration for rapid healing
  • May be used on open or bandaged wounds
  • Non-steroidal
  • Recommended for use on cuts bites burns and wounds

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