Nellies Mystery Scoff Box


Nellies Mystery Scoff Box contains all Natural Dog Treats.

A real feast box fit for a King or Queen!

Some of what you might have in your box Contents are determined by what’s available & in stock at the ordering time.

Rabbits Ear (Naked) Rabbit Ears (with fur)  Chicken & Duck Feet. Sprats. Piggy Snouts.  Fish Skin Cubes. Duck Neck. Super Large Sows  Ear.  Roast Beefy Chew. Cow Ear. Beef Wind Pipe. Fish Twist Chew.  Chicken Necks. Filled Cow Hoof. Buffalo Roll. Billy Biltong. Lamb Roll Chew. Doggie Mixture. Sausages. Filled Beef Pipe.

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Weight 1.000 kg