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CollaMove is a joint support supplement that provides your pet with essential amino acids to help the collagen contained in the cartilage, tendons, joints and ligaments. Used daily, it provides important nutritional support in cases of degenerative joint issues and assists in maintaining joint health.

How does CollaMove Dog – Joint Support work?

Collagen is found in the skin and in joints, tendons, ligaments and cartilage. As dogs grow older, they produce less collagen, which can make them more susceptible to joint and bone issues. With the help of collagen peptides, the joints can be stimulated to produce more collagen and thus have a positive effect on the musculoskeletal system. In addition, collagen synthesis and vascular circulation can be maintained.

A study has shown that collagen peptides can contribute to keeping joints healthy. Among the most well-known degenerative joint diseases are rheumatism, arthrosis and osteoarthritis. We recommend an optimal supply of collagen to support the natural mobility of your pet.

AniForte CollaMove Collagen is exclusively produced from deep-sea cod skin (Gadus morhua), harvested from the crystal clear waters of the North Atlantic Ocean. This provides the purest source of high quality and 100% natural collagen peptides available on the market.

The high-quality collagen peptides contained in our product come from Norwegian sea fish and are obtained exclusively from sustainable wild catch. Only the skin of the sea fish is processed – therefore no further additives are included.

Collagen from fish is easier to process by your pet’s body when compared with collagen from grazing animals, that’s why we have decided to use pure fish collagen for our product.

Thousands of happy customers have trusted AniForte® CollaMove Dog. It is relatively tasteless so dogs are happy to eat with their daily food. The grain-free product dissolves easily and can be mixed into the daily feed without any problems.

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