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Betsy’s Offal Free Duck


Our Just Duck is hand prepared and we use Whole UK Duck’s that are human grade. A single protein, that doesn’t contain Beef or Chicken meaning a great option for those with allergies. This tub contains (like the title says!) Just duck…. Whole Duck (with bone). If you’d like to get creative you can always add in your own heart and offal to make the meal balanced.

Remember, Duck is a meat that is naturally higher in fat compared to our other flavours, so it’s a great option for feeding dogs that are always on the go. Don’t be surprised if you see a lot of white / fatty contents in this tub. Duck can help boost the immune system thanks to it containing anti-oxidants. The omega-3 fatty acids in duck meat also helps your dogs coat look silky and shiny!


Complementary Raw Dog Food
Composition: British, Human Grade, Whole Duck. Whole Prey Model (approx 75% meat vs 25% bone).

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Analytical Constituents
• 17.3% Protein
• 0.2% Fibre
• 50.5% Moisture
• 3.5% Ash
• 27.81% Fat

Weight 1.000 kg