Bladder Formula Powder 100g


To support bladder function and the immune system

AniForte® Bladder Formula is a high quality and natural powder consisting of pumpkin seed flour, yarrow and other herbs. The finely tuned recipe supports your dog’s bladder function and immune system in a natural way.

  • Supports normal bladder function
  • Contributes to a strong immune system
  • For bladder weakness in dogs

Bladder Weakness in Dogs

The urinary system includes the kidneys, ureters, bladder and urethra. The urine produced in the kidneys flows through the ureters to the bladder, which collects the urine for some time. The bladder sphincters ensure that the bladder is closed and thus control urination. With increasing age, the dog’s hormonal balance changes, which can lead to a relaxation of the sphincter muscle of the urinary bladder in both neutered and non-neutered animals. The result is bladder weakness and urine leakage.

Incontinence in Dogs

Incontinence is a common problem and many dog owners are looking for an herbal remedy for canine incontinence. When the dog suffers from incontinence, they unconsciously lose urine, usually while sleeping or when getting up. Incontinence is common in older spayed female dogs, but the condition can affect males as well. Other causes are, for example: neurological problems, cystitis, diabetes, decreasing muscle tension or weak nerve impulses.

Pumpkin seeds are often the first choice against incontinence in dogs, but yarrow and blueberry leaves also support the urinary tract.

Our Purely Herbal Recipe

AniForte® Bladder Formula is a purely natural product based on important raw materials to support the immune system and the bladder function of your furry friend. In addition, the natural product has a positive effect on the normal function of the prostate in male dogs. Sensitive dogs that refuse to eat due to discomfort can be motivated with the appetite-stimulating properties of yarrow.

Without any synthetic additives, AniForte® Bladder Formula is a supplementary feed of the highest quality.

Our AniForte® products are developed in close cooperation with alternative practitioners, nutrition experts and veterinarians to support the healthy development of your dog.

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Dogs per 10 kg: 1 gram daily

(1 measuring spoon equates to approximately 1 gram)

The powder can be easily mixed into the food.

Notice: Store in a cool, dry, and light-protected place.

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