Canine Yeast Dermatitis Test Kit


Canine Yeast Dermatitis

Yeast infections / dermatitis are a common problem in dogs. The main species of yeast that affects dogs is Malassezia, which can live happily on a healthy dog. The dogs immune system will usually keep yeast numbers in check however on occasions other conditions such as food allergies, illness affecting the immune system and hormonal conditions can cause the Malassezia to develop in larger numbers causing an imbalance; leading to an infection.

It is also common to see yeast infections in dogs where food allergies are present. This can also be the case for dogs that suffer with environmental allergies too. Anything that negatively impacts the skins ‘normal’ defence can make a yeast infection more likely.




  • Sore / Red irritated, itchy skin (which can occur anywhere on the dogs skin, including the tummy, skin folds, armpits, paws etc).
  • Skin may be greasy or flaky
  • Red, flaky skin or a rash (can also be dark and hardened skin)
  • Odour
  • Brown discharge in the ears which may cause rubbing of their face
  • Yeast or mites?

    A very good question! While some symptoms may be similar, you know your pet and symptoms such as an odour, associated with a yeast infection will be a good indication. You may have already started an elimination diet and therefore already suspect higher yeast levels. As with anything, sometimes, it is simply a process of elimination.

    What we do

    Your samples will be examined under the microscope using the Impression Tape samples and by carrying out a smear test with your swab sample.

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