JW Tumble Teez Treat Toy


JW Tumble Teez is designed to sporadically dispense treats as your dog plays with the toy.

We intelligently designed the Tumble Teez with a patented internal shelf design that works like a maze for the treat to travel through. This challenging puzzle design keeps your dog engaged and makes treat time last longer.

Made of natural non-toxic rubber and constructed with a super thick rubber wall, the Tumble Teez will stand up to all the fun your dog unleashes.


Patented puzzly internal maze design creates an unpredictable treat dispersal

Interesting tumble, wobble and bounce keeps your dog engaged with active play

Natural non-toxic rubber is made tough and thick to stand up to chewing, biting and tearing

Best used as a treat toy by filling with treats, or spreading PB for a tasty treat


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