Thornit Ear Powder


20g. Now packaged in Grip Seal packs. Bottles have now been discontinued.

A traditional canker powder remedy that can be applied directly to the ear surface of dogs, cats and small animals in order to treat cases of ear mite. Ear mite causes visible symptoms of wax build-up and is often accompanied by an unpleasant odour.

Thornit Ear Powder is considered by many to provide the most effective treatment against ear mite, helping to reduce symptoms and ease irritation. The powder works rapidly when massaged gently just inside the ear surface, acting to eliminate wax caused by troublesome ear mites.

It is worthwhile applying Thornit to the paws of your animal also, in order to prevent cross-contamination. This can be done with ease by placing some of the powder in a bag and working it into the paw, pads and halfway up the leg.

Directions for use

For all treatments, only a very small amount of Thornit is needed per dose. Care should be taken as iodoform could stain a pale carpet or furnishings.


Any excess moisture can be gently mopped up with a cotton wool swab. DO NOT REMOVE WAX. Under normal circumstances, the powder should NOT be put into the ears, but brown wax acts as a cork.

Get the animal in a good position lying on its side. With cats, this can be difficult and help may be needed. Give the animal some love, apply a pinch of powder using the end of a small spoon. Lightly dust around the inner ear, avoiding the ear hole. Gently massage it in with your fingers from the outside. Apply Thornit twice a day. Relief comes with the first dose, but the treatment should continue for 1-5 days (usually 3). When the brown wax starts to move – stop treating. This means the mite is dead, and the wax will come away, pushing out the powder and leaving a clean ear. A pinch of Thornit in each ear once a week will keep the animal free from re-infection.

For breeds with long ears, it is advisable to dip the ends of the ears in Thornit once a week.

Thornit can also be used for stripping hair from ears – Apply a half teaspoon to the hair. This makes it much easier to finger pull the hair, as it comes away easily.

Intense scratching


Dust Thornit lightly onto skin. If the animal has long hair, part with a comb and feed a trickle of Thornit to the exposed skin. A little powder goes a long way.

Anus itching

Apply just a tiny amount of cream or Vaseline to the finger of the glove and dip into Thornit. Apply to just under tail where necessary.

Itchy paws

Hold the paw in a plastic bag containing a small amount of Thornit. Work powder between claws, into pads and a long way up the leg.



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Zinc Oxide, Talc, Iodoform, Boric.

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