A guide to transitioning your adult dog onto raw food



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How Safe Is Our Tap Water

Should we be concerned about giving it to our dogs?  I must admit I’ve never been all that concerned about our drinking water, I guess we all just take it for granted it’s safe here in the UK. But just recently

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Is Bone Broth good for dogs?

Giving your dog bone broth has huge health benefits. Bone broth for dogs can not only help to support their gut & joints but will aid in supporting their overall immunity.From puppies to the elderly, it will benefit them incredibly.Bone

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Help, my dog has flea's. How do I get rid of them?

Help, my dog has fleas!

I think most of us dog parents know only too well how these parasites such as fleas are becoming harder to keep at bay.   I feel many are missing a trick here, because we need to look at our dogs

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