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Bed Time Biscuits: Our popular peanut butter biscuit infused with chamomile, valerian root, passion flower and fennel. All these ingredients can assist in calming and soothing before bed, fennel also aids digestion which can sometimes be the cause of interrupted sleep.
Ingredients: Gram, coconut, peanut butter, fennel, chamomile, valerian root & passion flower

Gingerbread Men: We combined our popular homemade peanut butter with ginger to create these scrumptious mini gingerbread men. Dogs love ginger and dogs love these, woof-approved treats. The best part about these treats, aside from the added health benefits, is that they are suitable for human consumption too.
Ingredients: Gram, coconut, peanut butter & ginger

Dental Sticks: To combat the effects of bad breath, we created these Minty Dental Sticks, which are filled with bad-breath-busting ingredients. And, as with all of our products, they’re handmade, natural, and woof-approved.
Ingredients: Gram (chickpea & yellow split pea), coconut, peanut butter, spirulina, minty & parsley

Cheesy Training Treat: We have been sneaky sneaky in the bakery and managed to develop a super cheesy delicious training treat without the cheese! As many dogs are sensitive to meat protein, dairy, lactose etc we have flavoured these with delicious and super nutritional cheesy alternatives – nutritional and brewers yeast.
Ingredients: Gram, coconut, peanut butter, nutritional yeast & brewer yeast.

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